It is time for your puppy to fall in love with his first collar or a leash. And not just any kind of leash! But a chick and stylish one that will keep him both warm and good looking. What better way to complete your own outlook than with a bow tie dog harness on your puppy that will make you both glance with style and comfort. Once you take a look at how well it looks on your fluffy friend there will be no turning back to the traditional and simple collars. Not only that these collars and leashes are being important training tools, but they are also providing your puppy with additional comfort when you need to suddenly pull on their leash and change the direction they’re walking or running towards. 




Properly leash training your pup doesn’t just put your mind at ease, it also helps reduce anxiety in your pup as they realize that you are in control of the situation and can safely proceed with his curious adventures. Next to the stylish vests and collars are both useful and good looking accessories. Make a great addition to your car with a dog seat belt or prepare engraved dog tag that will be both beautifully looking around his collar.

Grid List Masonry

Dog Harness and Leash

$45.84 USD $13.99 USD

Climbing Rope Dog Leash

$46.70 USD $16.99 USD

Dog Harness Leash

$8.99 USD

Dog Safety Seat Belt

$11.60 USD $2.99 USD

Dog Harness With Bow Tie

$26.94 USD $8.99 USD

Dog Harness Vest

$3.99 USD

Dog Halter Harness Vest

$15.99 USD

Dog Collar Rhinestone

$7.99 USD

Dog Scarf Collar

$8.90 USD $2.99 USD
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Gentleman Dog Bow Tie Collar

$2.99 USD

Reflective Dog Leash

$22.99 USD

Dog Harness Collar Lead

$2.99 USD

Leather Dog Harness

$8.99 USD

Bow Tie Collar for Dog

$2.99 USD

Dog Harness And Leash Set

$10.99 USD